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released October 20, 2012

Scrap Kids, Mike XVX, Tes, Evan Greer, I.G.A.F. Sequoia, xTrue Naturex, ANTI-ALL, Gab De La Vega, HEXE, Un Roble, Eric Smith, 4Paws, xNagev Veganx, garbaeface, Trashedy, XMAYONNAISETHEBASTARDX, Moon Bandits, RawxMaterials



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GoxRecords Portland, Oregon

D.I.Y. independent label releasing anything from powerviolence/thrashcore to folk!

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Track Name: Scrap Kids - The Straw That Broke The Haters Camels Back
The Straw That Broke the Hater’s Camel’s Back

We’re on the path to our destruction
We’re on the path to our destruction
It’s inevitable
Most of the time,
I often sing about other things
I’m not usually so pessimistic
I have so many concerns,
but people will never learn
Action needs to be commenced
We need to make some progress
But in the meantime,
let’s just burn all the bridges
We’ll stand back and count
The money in our pockets
And we’ll later learn from all of our mistakes
Mistakes shouldn’t have been
made in the first place
And now it’s way too late
Track Name: Mike XVX - Natalies Song
Natalies Song

So sociable and charming,
You taught humans to be kind
Rescued from a slaughterhouse,
This is where you lived your life
We awoke one morning to find that you were sick
Though just last night you showed no signs of illness
Now it shows and I lost a friend today
We say goodbye to you Sweetpea
And carry on your name

Let's sit together and remember our friends
We'll relive all those memories again

You helped humans come to realize
That turkeys are there friends
Supposed to grow to 12, but 3 years is all you lived
You had problems with your joints
And problems with digestion
Problems brought from breeding
For massive food production
And though we gave you a good home
We'll keep you in our hearts,
We'll show them they were wrong

I want to shut down all of those places you've been
And I'll make sure they can't do this again
Track Name: Evan Greer - Their Eyes
Their Eyes

There are animals in cages
With no room to turn around
Being sent off to the slaughter
And sold off by the pound
And there are people locked in prisons
Where the outcome's much the same
They get death for their convictions
They get numbers for a name
There are women kept in houses
Full of mirrors and TV
Forced to fear their drunken fathers
And throw up the things they eat
And the same men who grab them
While they're walking down the street
Rip their profits and their pleasure
From the earth beneath our feet
Have you ever seen the eyes
Of a soul that's occupied?
Have you ever had to face
A creature living in a cage?
Have you tasted their flesh
Or drank their fear?
Have you ever seen their eyes?
There are fences high in belfast
Where the working class divides
The priests play with politicians
While the poor folks fight and die
And the lower twenty-six you know
Are also occupied
By sexism and heroin and neoliberal lies
There are children born at checkpoints
Who throw stones against the tanks
They play games amongst the rubble
Till the glass in their eyes breaks
And with this concrete wall between them
There's no human face at all
Another bus is blown to pieces
As the martyr heeds the call
Have you ever seen the eyes
Of a soul that's occupied?
Do you know what has to die
Just to make the things we buy?
Do you reap the products of their lives?
Have you ever seen their eyes?
Can't you see it's all the same?
Making profit out of pain
Rape and torture are the norm
In prison and factory farms
Occupation genocide
Out of sight and out of mind
Would you still live this life of lies
If you had to look them in the eyes?
Have you ever seen their eyes?
Track Name: I.G.A.F. Sequioa - DGAF

Through the window
Like a frame
Perfectly centered an image of my disdain
i think its snowing
But the trees are red like blood
Thier bodies falling
From the black and blue sky above
I saw hell on earth i saw the world in a shallow grave
Its not worth our time trying to save
We'll build a ship to sail away
Oh what have we done now
Drown it or bury it burn it down
What have we done now
Drown it or bury it burn it down
Its the nightmare i have everytime that i sleep
Its waiting for me in the shadows
Between my sheets
The palm trees outside that dance in the breeze
Quietly humming thier song it goes
We dont belong i dont belong you dont belong here
No no
What have we done now
Drown it or bury it burn it down
What have we done now
Drown it or bury it burn it down
Track Name: xTrue Naturex - Nothings Changed
Nothing’s Changed

I cannot pretend that your words aren’t killing me.
They stab me in the chest like these
Invisible knives coming out of my back,
I have sworn to defend the lives of the innocent,
So it’s where my allegiance will stand.

You say that things have changed
But can you honestly point to any of them?
You say you don’t feel the same, fine,
It doesn’t change their circumstances,
They’re suffering and dying inside these cages
That you’re now supporting,
But I will champion on alone.

You say that it’s too hard for you to live this way,
But how hard would it be to spend your whole life
Trapped in a cage?
How hard would it be to be tortured every day?
Now that would be too hard. That would be too hard.
But then you say you got sick but your new lifestyle,
well it’s killing them, and it’s killing me.
And I will be out on these feet,
Screaming until my heart stops beating.
I will not turn my back on their cries.
Even if I am the only one left standing with no allies.
My voice will be for all that have been silenced
by your apathy and lies.
Track Name: Anti-All - Off With Its Head!

Off with its, off with its head!
Off with it's head! off with it'shed!
They use a blunt knife because
Sharperning its wastes time,
Off with it's head! off with it'shed!
They've optimized the murder in an assembly line
They don't mind starving
Innocent calfs to mae their veal more lean
Where els e are they suppose to get their protein?
They eat meat without feeling sorry!
Feasting on the flesh of delicious death!
Salavating for an animal's deadbody!
Gobbing for the gloom of a gastric tomb!
The heartless bastards demand to be fed,
So Off with its, off with its head!
Off with it's head! off with it'shed!
You'll see them gently hanging Chickens upside down,
Off with its, off with its head!
Off with it's head! off with it'shed!
But they kick them stomp on them
When you aren't around,
They say that they haven't seen
The proof of the animal abuse
Yet, well, there's hundred on videos on the internet!
Animals marched into prison at birth!
Your mean-van's are their hearse!
Bred to be bread! (Born to be butchered!)
Food for the fiends! (A fatal future!)
Track Name: Gab De La Vega - Death On The Shelf
Death On The Shelf

a plastic package on the shelf
a piece of meat on your plate
just a product to consume
a life you take, stolen to become food

your food had eyes to see the world
your food felt the pain as you do
your food loved its cubs as you love your darlings

you turn your eyes away from here
as I show you the tragedy of your faults

this massacre is not necessary

you say it's unfair that some people starve
complain about the third world but
it's easy to complain with your mouth full of death

stop and think about this – stop and think about this

so try to understand and not to judge
veganism is the key that brings a change

an equal world for everybody
I see no reason why you claim yourself
above the other passengers of the long trip
on this planet, you don't have the right

to kill and eat to keep in cage, to separate a mother
and her son to spill their blood
and to give pain and torture
breeding lives to kill again and
eat the dead exploiting just to satisfy
a need you could actually satisfy in many other ways
without taking
a single life away from anybody, try to understand
that you can bring a change for them,
for you for the hungry,
for the whole world.
a new world.
Track Name: HEXE - Ashamed

We should be ashamed
with every step we take
our carbon footprint is left
in the sand
Where oil has made its home
where humyn kind is left unknown
where animals bathe in waters black and red
where they're forced to be left for dead.

The swell is silent and black
full of carcass' BP created
the sands are disgusting and lack
the color in which they were created
yet no one seemed to care
still no one let's this tradgedy touch their ear
mouths are forever shut about the spill
yet every year I'm told how many on 9/11 were killed.

Shame on us
we let it go on for so long
shame on us
shame on us all.
Track Name: Un Roble - Se Puede Ver
Se Puede Ver

En tus ojos
Se puede ver
El despecho
Que tu tienes
Que cargar
Dia a dia
Sin saber el porque
Intentando sequir
viviendo asi

Y yo me pregunto
por que esto sigue asi

Y No se que razon
O que decir
Para tratar de comprende
Solo se que
Esto no lo mereses
O deverias tu que vivir

Sin enmbargo todos voltean
Para no ver lo que ocurre aqui
Todo lo que se toma
Lo que se roba de ti y de mi
Track Name: 4Paws - Feuersturm

I see tired faces on the streets of Berlin
Keeping a straight face, like the Cops in the hood
I see people on the floor without a roof above the head
They latch on to their bottle of beer
I see people I can‘t stand
Cultivation of an image - they wear fur on their way
I see how they bite into the flesh
A flush of blood to the hot concrete
It fizzles away as I hear how a life senslessly expires
Cannot see empathy, instead I see lethargy
Piss off! Don‘t talk to me!
That‘s what everbody‘s thinking but not dares to say
I see emptiness in their eyes, no trust
IPhones - with pictures of naked womyn
Nazis - in Thor Steinar wear
Who gamble away money on Novolines

A Firestorm burns in our hearts
Sparked by fury and our pain
Vater Staat, (like „Uncle Sam“) that‘s no laughing matter
All my people are on the verge of bursting

And in Hamburg the situation‘s not better
Much balances on a knife‘s edge
Canvas-Leather Shoes in the Schanze*
Group of a hundred** in formation, go to the whole hog
People who don‘t want to know anything about us
They never pay any respect to anyone
I can clearly see want you want from us
But not everything that shines in the end is gold
You do not come to appreciate a come-together
You visit our places, our Schanzenfeste***
Where to start? Everything seems lost
Often the resistance seems frozen up
What can we do to prevent all this?
Everything we can do is damage limitation
Even if we cripple the process
In the end this monster**** will devour also our kids

I see some dealers on the corner
The rest of their conscience left behind
I can see brawls on the street
Machismo! Guys show your power!
What‘s up with those who aren‘t strong enough?
I see a tear roll down one‘s chin
Gangs ram knifes into their stomachs
The reason was pride, that never really existed
I don‘t know anymore what‘s normal or disturbed
I just know that my view of the world is destroyed
The realization of insight,
Helped me to understand my fellow humyns
Positive values are what it‘s about
Dedication, Solidarity, Loyalty
Soon the day will come, we‘re all fed up
The time will come, the Firestorm ignites

> Just for your information, regarding the second verse:
*Canvas-Leather Shoes as a symbol of wealth, „Schanze“ is a district
with lot of left projects like the „Rote Flora“
** cops *** Schanzenfest: annual street celebration in the Schanze
**** stands for gentrification
Track Name: xNagev Veganx - Siente El Rigor
Siente El Rigor

*Siente el rigor
De mi decisión
Fuerte en espiritu
Fuerte en corazón
Siente el rigor
De mi conviccion
Fuerte el espiritu
Fuerte el corazón

lo estricto de mi disiplima al derecho y al revez
vegan straight vegan straight otravez
que brota por los poros de mi piel otra vez
otra vez otra vez una y otra vez
que es lo que oyes ques lo que vez
la pregunta implícita al ver tu estrés
te comes las noticias del mes
apaga la tele respira bien
veras estas al revez no lo tomes mal ,
cuenta hasta tres responsable eres
de lo que consumes causa y efecto
ley del universo
básico sentido común tan intenso
vacia tu mente instrúyete bien,
construye tu ritmo alerta del vegan straight
respetándote a ti mismo y lo que te rodea
dale tiempo ala semilla que siembras
ahora sentiras que nada merodea
eres libre ahora de verdad
sal y vuela comunica tu cordura
cada frase llevar dulzura
que la humildad sea tu armadura
vegan straight sapiencia dura
vengan los que vengan encontraran en ti calma
caliente y pacifica tu alma
luz de fuerza sobre humana
verdadera revolucion el ejemplo de vida
la infuzion sintonizada decisión
verdadera compacion
conexión telepática de cosmo a cosmo
dale duro codo a codo

las equis en mis manos son la retaleacion
por mi mismo un ser conciente me declaro en esta canción
inalterable es mi estado siempre recto
esta es mi devocion
atento mi estilo que caliento bien lento
ese es el método alerta ante el impulso
de lo interno y lo externo
represnto veganismo en acción
mi decisión la decisión unificado,
reconosco lo divino que es la luz en todo
ejercito mi cuerpo mi mente cuidando del ego
esa envidia o pereza que me dice que no
que no salga a comunicar mis ideas con los panas
que no trabaje duro en la movida
el obstáculo ilusorio del no quiero
de esto cuidado pues es sutil el veneno
ahora si vamos navegando por el buen sendero
conciencia evolutiva sabia
dando lo mejor de mia dia a dia
me elevo y despierto ensueño el la abundancia,
abundo el desierto
y voy en picada esquivando los aciertos
fulmino asi el apego
soy ahora el elemento que resto
el éter sagrado consgrado al don
arte de alto contraste y pudor
cuidando cada letra con honor de esto se trato
puro furor
el rigor el rigor
Track Name: Garbageface - Yes-Sequityr

cold cop seven years
bad luck motherfucker
if you break a plastic cup
cup cold seven folds
is all that the paper will hold hold hold
cold cop seven years
got my mind on my money
and my money on my fears

nice to meet you what do you say
leaving the living room backing away
tiptoe treats at the end of the day
while it all dies underneath who will pray
*hard times comin' yr way
hard times comin' yr way
hard times comin' yr way
hard times comin' yr way

cold crush never fear
bad luck is a phantom
of the feebleness of ransom
ransom never told
is all that the body can hold hold hold
cold crush never fear
be real don't fake
keep grindin' the gears
gearshift never miss
navigation please patience please

nowhere is more than a day away
money + time = endless play
skingraft facereplace to say
that there's no space between the rays
of goddamn light coloured delay
that we get bathed in everyday
and if there was a god i'm sure she'd say
fuck all this noise i'm taking a break.

cold storage bodies piled
from here to as far the
average eye'll
reach not long we're told
that's all that the patience can hold hold hold
cold packed my defense
is i did what i was told
in a good spot on the fence
and cold hard facts of fiction
branded hot iron
better get to stitchin'
sold long after dark
into a curved chute
like a slide in the park
cold knife cause it's cheap
we cut from above
and chew from beneath
old blood never child
no childhood no never
known why
sold shortly to the state
for a dinner that cost
five bills a plate
toast raised here's to death
all over our hands
all over our breath like
cold storage bodies piled
from here to as far as the
average eye'll
reach not long we're told
that's all that the patient can hold hold
that's all that the patient can hold hold hold
Track Name: Trashedy - Wilderness To Wasteland
Wilderness To Wasteland

The beauty this earth evolved
from its very beginning,
is being overlooked
and is fast diminishing,

We adopt animals
whilst their natural habitats are in danger
and introduce them to bars and concrete walls
to which they are a stranger.
Wilderness ist turned into more and more wasteland.
It becomes impossible for life to withstand.

Man won't comprehend
the way an animal operates
and the way it respects nature
to which an animal relates

Few Animals will ever experience
the life nature had intended.
The few who do face their environments
being next expended.
Wildernes ist turned into more and more wasteland,
It becomes impossible for life to withstand.

Wilderness is the only appropriate habitat
for an animal to take hold
for only in its environment
the beauty of an animal will unfold

Wildernes ist turned into more and more wasteland,
It becomes impossible for life to withstand.
Pizza Party

nothing to do, feeling so rowdy
call my fwends up
disco music blasting loud
with tons of fwends that are all around
mounds of toppings on a slice
i found my pizza paradise
bloated bodies cannot move
consumed a vast amount of food
this disc of awesome i adore
Track Name: Moon Bandits - Everyday
Every Day

Everyday we bleed further and further and further away
And I've given you my youth what more do you want from me
Not much to say except I feel bad for the bankers and the robbers today
Cause they're living in the same way as you and me
They could be free, if they gave it all up including the kitchen fucking sink
Everything in this world ain't always right you know

And I'm sorry to say that some will work while the others will play
And I know in my heart that you deserve more
Working so hard everyday for such little pay oh yeah it's such a shame yeah
And I know in my heart that you deserve more

Just keep breathing my friends and so will I
Just keep breathing till the day we die
Just keep breathing my friends and so will I
Just Keep breathing till the day we die